YMI Group (YMIG) is a diversified products and services group corporation operating in products manufacturing, international trading, corporate service and market promotions throughout the world.

From our origins as a China-based manufacturering company specialized in fitness equipements production the late 1980s, YMIG has emerged as a leading product distributor and service provider, delivering tailored solutions to comerical clients and the general public globally. Through our direct business businesses subsidiaries and associated busienss partners, out clients have come to depend on the reliability, innovative skills and first-class capabilities of YMIG's global teams.

Our structure:

YMIG Manufacturing has a few factories making sporting fitness products appliances and home textile products. The manufacturing sites are located in Nantong, China.

YMIG Trading connects with global customers across import, export, retail and wholesale industries in the world. Its main business is the export of YMIG's products from China to foreign buyers as well as import goods from the world to oen of the largest growing-up market - Chinese market. Throguh the form of direct offices in China, associated business partners and employment of representatives, YMIG Trading has deployed a network of representatives in many regional markets including Singapore, Japan, North America, Europe and Australia.

YMI Corporate is categorized into two divisions. Its business development division provide knowledgable consultant services to western business companies / investors who want to establish sites or business links in China. Its corporate service division is involved in suppliying commerical organizations with new products for their busienss promotion and offering them daily consumables including testiles, kitchenwares, corporate sporting exquipements and furnituring.

The Group is governed by a Board of Directors and led by a Group Executive Committee. The Group's businesses are supported by a streamlined Corporate Centre which comprises service teams, including group finance, legal, treasury, group risk management, group strategic investments, people and culture, investor relations, corporate affairs and corporate secretariat.

Statement of Corporate Principles:

These principles outline the way we do things in all parts of our business. They have been developed to create and deliver consistently superior value to our: Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Communities. Our core beliefs and values are based on the following principles:

  • We will be open and honest
  • We take ownership and hold ourselves accountable (for all of our actions)
  • We expect teamwork and collaboration across our organisation for the benefit of all stakeholders
  • We treat everyone with fairness and respect
  • We value speed, simplicity and efficient execution of our promises


The Group's corporate purpose is to generate sustainable satisfactory returns to shareholders. There has been, and continues to be a focus on:

  • Re-invigorating our franchise and brandImproving our core infrastructure
  • Accelerating cultural change around our Corporate Principles
  • Enhancing our disciplined approach to performance improvementImproving regulatory and key stakeholder engagement
  • Strengthening risk and capital management
  • Leveraging our distinctive capabilities to create new and differentiated growth opportunities.
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